Lenovo Z70 Battery Replace

Lenovo Z70 Battery Replace Has the battery in your Lenovo laptop stopped charging? It could have overheated, mechanically damaged or narrowed. If you see that the battery does not charge (but the charger works) or it is swollen, it means that it needs to be replaced. Come to our service center in Calgary and we […]

Dell Inspiron 15 Bezel Problem

Dell Inspiron 15 Bezel Problem Dell inspiron is a standard 15-inch laptop in the middle price category. In the case of the laptop, ordinary curtains are used, as in many other laptops. One of the weak parts of this laptop is the bezel. The left part of the case breaks in every laptop. Often, other […]

Dell 5440 Replace HDD

Dell 5440 Replace HDD Old hard drive can’t keep up with new applications? Barely any space on it for any new file? Or maybe it was damaged and now you can’t access it? The solution is to replace the drive with a new one. If you visit our website, we will advise you which drive […]

Dell 5440 Cleaning Service

Dell 5440 Cleaning Service Has the performance of your 5440 laptop deteriorated recently? Is your system running slow and constantly crashing? Or maybe the computer shuts down or resets itself? This can be caused by dust accumulating inside the laptop, clogging the vent and depositing on the fan fins. Solution? Regular laptop cleaning at our […]

Apple MacBook A1278 Cleaning Service

Apple MacBook A1278 Cleaning Service Although it seems that the computer case is quite tight, dirt and dust get inside through the ventilation holes. They settle on components, interfering with their operation and hindering heat dissipation to the outside. A clogged fan can even cause the equipment to overheat! Dirty notebooks are noisy, may shut […]