Cell Phones Repair in Calgary

cell phone repair calgary
We Provide Proffesional Cell Phones Repair Service in Calgary
If your phone has been dropped or flooded and you need it repaired – We will repair your phone.
Call Us: 403-230-1234
We use new and replacement parts! 
Our service provides a guarantee for repairs!
We have three stores where you can come.
Is your phone not charging well?
Or is the cable not holding in the port?
If you have problems with charging, contact our service.
Call Us: 403-230-1234

We repair phones as well as replace charging ports on all types of phones.
Has the Microphone stopped working in Your Phone?
Or has it started to become fuzzy or disordered.
We’ll do whatever it takes to get your microphone or speaker working properly.
More often than not, you don’t need to upgrade or replace your mobile device if the speaker has lost quality or stopped working! 90% of the time we can just remove and replace the speaker and clean the internals, the other 10% of the time it an internal issue with the device logic board which we can fix.
The vast majority of cell phones in production today use glass on their outer layer. Even though this glass is the toughest glass used on mobile devices, it is still prone to cracking.
At our shop Dr.Cell we replace the whole panel of broken glass and use a direct factory replacement to ensure it looks like it did when it came out of factory.
Most screen repairs are done using cheap replacement screens, that may work in the short term but you’ll always notice problems with the touch screen and pressure sensitive touches.
Most new devices these days know whether or not a genuine screen has been repaired and can actually switch off and not come back on again unless a genuine screen is used used. At Dr Cell Calgary all our repairs use genuine parts.
The most common issues with cellphones older 2/4 years is down to the battery.
Naturally batteries degrade over time this impacts your mobiles performance drastically.
We fully replace the battery with a factory replacement to ensure the longevity of the device and to return to its peak perfomance. 
Our Battery Replacement Service offers the quickest turnaround.
Our Repairs and replacement parts will last the life of the phone. 
We use only genuine parts in our repairs.
If your phone fell and the camera stopped working – We will repair your smartphone!
Sometimes the protective glass is damaged and we can replace it.
If the camera is damaged, we can also replace it.