Apple MacBook A1278 Cleaning Service

Apple MacBook A1278 Cleaning Service Although it seems that the computer case is quite tight, dirt and dust get inside through the ventilation holes. They settle on components, interfering with their operation and hindering heat dissipation to the outside. A clogged fan can even cause the equipment to overheat! Dirty notebooks are noisy, may shut […]

iPhone 14 ProMax Broken Screen

c We usually replace damaged screens with new original or replacement parts. Replacing the screen in such phones is not a simple repair. this requires special equipment and smartphone skills. We have all this because our company has been doing it for many years. Where can you change the screen? Our centers are located in […]

iPhone 5 Repair in Calgary

iPhone 5 Repair in Calgary Our company first started repairing the iPhone 5 in Calgary! We can repair any problem on your iPhone 5. We also sell iPhones